13 june 2011

Got the Downtown Disney photos done. Now onto the biking event.

At the pool. They are still working on the deck so we are sitting on the other side. The side is behind me so there is no glare. Six year old boy with Mohawk and center is dyed brown and pink. Really?

Busy day today with two extra stops. Andy has been drinking a lot of juice and Target hasn't been carrying to stuff he likes.

We went to the chiropractor. I can never relax when the boys are there. I am always worried they will do something they shouldn't.

We stopped at Publix to get juice. Ryan pushed the cart and hard to go up and down an extra aisle just because. I am too indulgent sometimes.

We were leaving Target and Ryan stopped pushing the cart, walked through a check out lane and then to the end and scooted outside. He was trying to avoid someone but I do not know whom. He said he could not remember their name.

I talked to Bonnie for a while. She was working while her kids were home with her husband. I had given her a challenge to do 30 layouts this weekend at her crop. She did 33. Showoff.

I downloaded a new app for my iPad called Palimpsest. It culls interesting articles from magazines. I read a rather long article about Percy Fawcett. Of course now it says I have 54 articles to read and the badge teases me.

Card of the day.

Photo of the day.

Layout, January 2008 photo of the day.