12 june 2011

Mary Grace's birthday. I hope she likes her gifts. More importantly, I hope she has a good day.

I did get a card done this morning. For some reason, I just don't want to look at photos. Probably burned myself out with all the layouts and organizing I have done. I did manage to get my POTD done.

I started reading some fiction last night. I am way behind in my book challenge for the year.

I am over thinking. Again. I want to put my POTDs on a layout. I thought I wanted it all on one page but that makes the photos small. I thought about a double page layout which makes more since but should I use a grid? Do I want all my photos or just the best? I even spent too much time making up a new grid.

While I was fixing lunch, I thought maybe one page with all and one page with my favorites so they could be bigger.

Ryan was having trouble with his computer. It is old. He wants to watch race buddy on NASCAR but it requires flash 10.3. His iBook cannot not install the latest flash. I offered him the use of my computer but he doesn't want that. He wants his computer to work like he thinks it should.

Now he wants to live in Europe because he says it is better. He cracks me up and drives me batty all at the same time.

Another 2 hours spent at the computer working on a layout for my POTD. I like how it turned out. I am not sure if I need to do any journaling. It is all on my blog. I did spend some time looking for a 365 brush. I may have to make one up.

Savi came over to get some camera tips. She has to take some group photos. I also showed her some podcasts. Savi is going away for a couple of weeks. She asked Ryan if he would miss her and he said no. Oh man, Ryan is just too honest sometimes.

I read a book this evening, Faking It
">Faking It. It was OK. It made me cry because I am a wuss and hate conflict.