11 june 2011

I got my POTD done and uploaded but that was all I could do this morning.

Hopefully Bonnie has all my creative mojo this weekend because I have none. It took my over two hours to make a simple layout this afternoon. (No link since it includes kids that are not mine.) It was a struggle that I have not had in a long time. The card was not inspring either.

Looking at some PDFs from Masterful Scrapbook Design inspired me to to do some more photo organizing. At one time, I had collections of my POTD images chronologically. But some corruption happened and it was lost. I have meant to go back and recreate those collections but there always seemed something better to do. I started POTD in 2008 and since I am working on those photos, I am organizing the POTD collections too. Maybe I will even scrap them and make a book. Maybe.