10 june 2011

I filled up a trash bag full of stuff in my office. Not even a dent. I hate throwing away things that are still good, but I know I will probably never get around to organize them. These are bits of pieces I either have as leftovers or samples I got when I was in business. Stuff I can sell is going into baskets and boxes.

I did POTD. I was sleepy this morning and had no idea what to shoot.

I finished organizing 2007 photos. Now onto 2008. I thought they were organized. And they are for the most part. They are rated and key worded but file names are not consistent.

I took a survey and won a collection pack from Basic Grey. How funny since I don't use paper anymore. I could ask for a digital kit but am going to give it to Bonnie instead. She is off scrapbooking this weekend so I won't hear for a while.

I made a digi card.

I had leftover pizza for lunch. I heated it up in the oven. Times like this I wish I had a toaster over but we have a microwave instead. No room for both.

I have been looking at online classes for scrapbooking. I really don't need them. I like the challenge of getting things done. I need a clean your space challenge like I did years ago on Two Peas.