09 june 2011

At the pool. Hot in the sun. Cool breeze in the shade. Crowded today.

I worked on my 2007 photos. They are mostly done. I am renaming some to be consistent. Klean Kanteen is having a photo contest. I brought some legos and my small orange Kanteen. I also remembered my camera. I am sure I probably looked like a dork with my macro lens and flash. And I may not even enter since the contest runs through Facebook. (The photos are OK, I will process them tomorrow.)

We forgot to bring in the pool bag on Tuesday. Things were still damp bit not stinky yet.

When we got home yesterday, it was about 2:00. I Checked the mail and the box was empty. Today as we were leaving, I noticed the box on the stool next to the front door. I forgot to look there yesterday. It is my layouts from Persnickety Prints. I can start a 2011 album. Ryan wants me to start 2008-2010 first. (The photos look good. I will order more when I win the lotto.)

I am noticing Ryan notice girls. Especially pretty girls.

We did our lunch and grocery thing. The boys helped bring in the groceries. Actually, they brought most of them in. They are becoming more helpful.

My friend came over to use the Internet and I ordered pizza. Andy ate most of a medium cheese pan pizza by himself. We talked and all of a sudden it was 7:58 and Andy was wondering why Savi was still here. I went to take care of Ryan and she left.

I did a quick card and POTD posted.