pioneer florida museum

Andy had a field trip to the Pioneer Florida Museum. I got there a few minutes before the bus and purchased 3 large coins. I think they will be fun to use in some macro shots.

The kids split up into 3 groups. Two groups then went with one guide and the third group with another guide. He took us to the train station and we got to see the toy train set up. The kids got to climb up on the train. Then they got to climb up on the fire engine. I always seem to be a few moments late so I didn't get good shots.

We then went through the school room, church and house. Sam had to go up to the pulpit and pretend to give a speech. At the school room, he wanted to be a teacher. Andy always stay at the fringes, outside if they would let him. I was like that too. I would still be like that without my camera.

We switched guides and went through more buildings. It is just as impressive as Heritage Village without the long drive. Though the rural setting at Heritage Village makes it seem more authentic.

Once the tour was done, the kids ate. I had a snack at Starbucks so I didn't have lunch. And I knew we would be going to Chick Fil A. Andy and I then went to Publix.