fun friday

(Oh wow! Found an OLD draft that I published. And I finally got the photos processed too.)

I had emailed Andy's teacher about visiting the class and bringing treats. She emailed me back and said they having a birthday party and could I help.

I made 2 batches of marshmallow treats with chocolate cheerios. They were requested by Mrs. Bean. I got a venti chai and headed to school. I signed in as a volunteer and went to class.

I brought my camera as I usual and began to take some photos. A while later, I was told that I could only take pictures of Andy. Some of the kids have no media policy and Mrs Emison cannot even tell me which kids because of confidentiality. What? So why am I here?

I went with the class to PE. They were doing all kinds of things, basketball, volleyball, running, walking, and using some aerobic machines. Some of the kids were pretty entertaining and I hated not being able to take photos.

I told Ms Karem about the no media rule. She was surprised and said sotto voice to take the photos. I took some when Mrs E wasn't looking. I think Mrs E might have told me to cover herself.

The kids had helped make cupcakes and macaroni and cheese for lunch. We also had chicken nuggets. Andy only drank his juice knowing we were going to Chick Fil A later. I had a small portion of macaroni & cheese. Then the kids went outside for some socialization with the other classes at lunch. Finally back to class to watch a movie.