Andy's birthday was Wednesday. It was a low-key day like every other year. Well, last year was fun but Mrs. E is not the fun person that Jessica is. (I was going to link the last year's blog post but it appears I never wrote one.)

Andy's IEP was in the morning. I brought donuts so the class could have a treat. Andy thought I was going to stay. Because Monday's home note said that they celebrated birthdays. I assumed this meant Andy & Ms. Karem and was upset that I wasn't invited. I was not ready for his birthday. I had more gifts to wrap and balloons to buy. I had made plans to meet Doyle for lunch and did not bring my camera. I negotiated with Andy that I would take him own early on Thursday after bowling. He was OK with that.

I had everything ready just minutes before the bus came. I went out that morning to Toys R Us because the gifts I did have him seemed like not enough.

Andy came home and showed me the card he got from his classmates & teachers. Then he began to open gifts. He opened the iPod Touch first and very happy. He would have been happy to stop but I made him open the rest. Ryan would check in to see what Andy got them leave for a few more minutes. Andy was opening his gifts so slowly, peeling the tape off the paper instead of ripping it off.

When Andy was done, he happily disappeared into his bedroom with his iPod Touch. Even the balloons were left in the kitchen until Friday. I realize that I didn't need to buy the extra gifts.