Thursday night I had a couple of people added me to their flickr contacts. I had not heard of these people but I checked out their stuff and added them as contacts too. Seems like the polite thing to do. Then a couple more added me on Friday morning. What was going on? I really don't get much activity on my flickr account. When I post my project52 photos, I do get more page views but usually less than 50.

So I had to check this out. I noticed more comments on the lego photo above. Then I checked the page views. Over 300! What was going on. So I reread the comments and someone posted "Congratulations on Explore!" Explore? What is Explore? Oh, it's the part of flickr that I never look at. I should, there is awesome work there. Then again, I would rarely get out of there. Anyway, this photo was posted there and as of this morning has been viewed over 500 times.

I am happy. And a little intimidated. I am thinking that more people will be looking at me expecting more great shots. Oh the pressure.