senior moment

One thing I have been wanting to try is senior portraits. But I don't know any seniors.

The receptionist at my hair salon has a senior and she said her daughter did not like the photos she had taken. I offered but E was busy and I didn't push.

Last week, P called to say E was ready to let me try. I was excited and nervous. I asked Doyle along which proved to be a very good idea.

We tossed around ideas and decided to try Lettuce Lake Park. E loves the nature. The weather was nice and we started out at the shelter on Lettuce Lake. Penny brought props like balloons and a red umbrella.

We did some shots on the boardwalk. Doyle went to move the light stand and extend it over the water and the flash went splash. Oh no! Luckily I had brought my other flash so we could continue. Doyle managed to fish the flash out of the water with a coat hanger. He was going to dry it out and try it and buy me a new flash. (He dried it out and it works! I love Olympus!)

E changed clothes and we went to the tower. Doyle was really helpful with poses and ideas. Last, we went to the playground and got a few shots but it was crowded so we didn't stay long.

It was a really good experience. It helped that I have known P for a while and that Doyle was there to help. We set up another session in Ybor for the following Monday.