fun & games

Spring break.

I had planned on doing things with the boys last week. Then dad fell the week prior and I felt the need to stay close to home. At least until he felt better.

On Wednesday, dad went to the chiropractor which meant he was feeling better. Ryan announced that he was bored. I asked if he wanted to go bowling and he said yes.

Thursday I had a hair appointment and picked the boys up afterwards and we stopped for lunch then went to the bowling alley. Open bowling started at one, we got there before two and it was busy. The best deal was two hours of bowling for $24. OK. I had my camera and flash and hoped to get some good shots. After I took one, I heard "No flash photography." Dang! Even at ISO 800, I could not get enough light to take anything other than the pins.

We played the first game without bumpers. We raised the bumpers for the second game which helped, even me. Ryan watched the boy girl next to us throw the bowl without using the holes and with a wicked spin. Ryan tried to throw like that and that is where the trouble came in. Ryan has a wild throw and didn't want to get too close to the fault line. Ryan managed to get his ball in another lane and on top of the bumper. Andy came from behind and won the second game by one pin.

After 2 games, Ryan was not happy that he was not sure he would win. We quit after the few frames in the third game. The boys wanted to play the games.

I had hoped to get away with only spending $5. But the darn machine would not accept either one of my $5 bills. I used some ones. Ryan grabbed as much of the tokens as he could and spent them quickly. So many games require 4 tokens! I ended up spending $11 so the boys could win 2 cheap 25ยข toys. Going to the book store would be cheaper!