sykes chapel

We had a by-week for the Friday photo walk. Norm suggested University of Tampa and I said the chapel. He called and got permission for us to take photos. It is a good thing he said indoors since the morning was very gray and misty.

Doyle & I met Norm at UT and Jim let us into the chapel. This place is just so beautiful. It makes me proud to be an architect and almost miss the work. Almost.

We played around for a while. Doyle and Norm ended up lying on the floor to get the shot.

I didn't realize they have a mini labyrinth in one of the meditation rooms. One day I will take the time to walk through it. I wish I could have gotten a better shot of this one.

We met up again and went into Plant Hall. We went into Fletcher Hall. I was happy to finally have my tripod. We should have asked to get into the loge.

We had lunch at the Rathskeller. It is a lunch place run by the campus and they serve Starbucks.