downtown tampa

Two weeks ago.

We had our weekly photo meeting this morning. We were ready to leave and as usual, Doyle & I talked in the parking lot. Since I was half way downtown, I decided to finally cash in my groupon for the TMoPA. Doyle decided to come along.

I had never been to TMoPA and had only seen it from the street. I expected a bigger place. But the exhibit was probably a good size to go through during lunch. We were done quick enough and decided to walk around. I wish I had the forethought to bring my camera. Doyle had his film camera and I had my iPhone.

We walked to Curtis Hixson Park and up to the amphitheater. Then down to the Cass Street Bridge. We walked across Ashley to this public art piece. But then I could smell Five Guys so we stopped for lunch.

We walked to the Tampa Theatre. What a gorgeous building! Doyle wants to buy the fifth floor for only $300,000. We talked to the box office lady about tours. She said that they allowed cameras but didn't like continuous clicking. She gave us a name to contact someone about a private tour.

Tampa has changed some of the public art pieces. The new program is called ArtLoud and I think it might be a good idea for a photo walk.

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