Since some people think their families are more important than me, I had to do the walk alone. It was probably for the best because there were no cameras ready when I almost stumbled backwards into a moving car. Then again, if Doyle was here, he would have been the one to lie on the ground to get the shot. And he can get up much better than me.

I chose to follow the ArtLoud Sculpture walk. There were no good maps to download so I did my best. I found that some of the sculptures were not new but relocated ones like the harp fountain and the equilibrist. The harp fountain is now located on the grounds of the federal courthouse. I was really expected to be yelled at for taking pictures. A guard yelled at John when we shot Sacred Heart. But no one showed up this day.

A few of the sculptures are north in a quieter area of downtown. Some might even call it scary. Where else will you find wig shops and Soul Train Clothes? No one even bothered to give me funny looks because no one was around.

I was having trouble finding the last one because the map showed it around the block. Then I slapped my forehead when I realized it was the heart that Doyle & I shot on Tuesday. With the Downtown Market going on, it was impossible to get the whole thing.

I had margherita pizza from Pizzaiolo Bavaro. It is small and noisy and the service is slow. But the tea was fresh.