american victory ship

Someone suggested the American Victory Ship for a photo walk. It didn't interest me much but I scheduled one. I was a bit disappointed that the people who seemed interesting in the walk did not show up. We ended up with 5 people including myself.

Jeff had suggested we bring tripods. I didn't want to have to carry mine but I am glad that I did. From the beginning, I was shooting at 1600 iso and then that wasn't even enough. So I pulled out my tripod. Then we went on top of the ship and I put away my tripod.

The weather was good for being outside the ship. It was sunny & breezy. There were lots of cool things to shoot. Lots of stairs to climb too.

The cabins are in the middle of the ship. You could see in but not enter. With the light streaming through the portholes, shooting was difficult. I tried some HDR but am not sure it was worth the effort. Being inside was hot.

I had done enough shooting and setting up the tripod. I was on my way back to the beginning and I saw the mess and kitchen. I didn't feel like getting my tripod out again so I didn't get many shots. I plan on doing this walk again and will spend my effort on the interiors next time. Maybe I will bring my flash too.

We had lunch at the Greek Taverna in Channelside.