back to the butterflies

Allen wanted to go back to the Butterfly Rainforest. He was told the blue morpos will open their wings when the weather is cooler. I had intended on saying no but Norm asked and well, I said OK. I should have known he would ask me to drive.

We met at First Watch and I watched Norm and Dick eat breakfast while I tried to ignore the headache looming. The weather was gray and ready to rain. "My mood is very dependent on the weather. I was a bitch back in Michigan." It was one of my better lines.

We got up there first. There was a new art piece to greet us. What a welcome!

Norm paid for my admission, my lunch and filled up my tank when we got back.

I don't know why but I thought the place was kept at a constant temperature. It was not. It was cold! I saw a thermometer that read 49 degrees and I only had a turtleneck.

There were fewer butterflies and they were not active. At one point, a guide brought out more butterflies and put them on a tree. We got some great shots. I was glad I brought my flash.

The birds were more active and I tried to get some shots. They would not stand still.

After twice through we went to lunch. Allen and Mike went to Cracker Barrel. We went to the Camellia Cafe at the campus.

I drove home. Dick and I chatted while Larry and Norm dozed.