duke and seventh grade talent search

On the way to the dentist, Ryan pulled out of his backpack a sheet informing him of an invitation from Duke University Seventh Grade Talent Search to take the SAT or ACT in seventh grade. Huh? Had it not been for Bonnie, I would not have known about this program before hand. Two of Bonnie's nieces were invited and participated. One of them was invited to Duke University for a special ceremony. As it happens, I was on the phone with Bonnie at the time. She got excited and said "You have to make him do it!" I replied that I can allow him to do it but I cannot make him. Ryan is much better than me at being obstinate and cannot be forced into something like this. However, I asked Ryan if he wanted to do it and he said yes. Really? Had I been asked to take one of those exams in 7th grade, I would have freaked out and said no way. I hate long tests. The scores for the test(s) taken in seventh grade can count for later. How cool. There is no or little pressure now as compare to junior year of high school.

I got thinking about this. Our parents did not take those tests. Our generation all took the test and now we can compare ourselves to our kids. OK, I know this is wrong. I just can't help it. I am really proud of Ryan for getting the Duke TIP invitation. I don't recall and of my nieces or nephews getting it. It has been around since 1980. See, there I go again. Turns out that Matt & Joey got invitations. Matt did not accept the invitation but Joey did because his friends were doing it.