confessions of an addict

Years ago I read Freaks, Geeks & Asperger Syndrome: A User Guide to Adolescence. The author talked about Specialty Subjects. People with AS have their specialty subjects and can talk about them on and on to the point of obsession. But specialty subjects are not fixed. They can change and they do change. I see it in Andy. He will obsess about computers for a few weeks, then switch to Thomas stories.

I seem to suffer from this as well. Lately, I am a hooked on watching TV episodes on my iPad. It all started with Doctor Who: The Complete First Series. For years, recommended this series. I finally downloaded the first season. That led to downloading Torchwood: The Complete First Season and renewed interest in Eureka: Season One & The Office: Season One. Then I added The Big Bang Theory: The Complete First Season and Community: The Complete First Season. I tried watching others but found they didn't interest me. Finally, I added Fringe: The Complete First Season, Warehouse 13: Season One and Alphas.

What started as something to do during the weekend has become a daily ritual. As soon as lunch is over, I begin watching one episode of each of the programs. I have caught up watching Eureka! Torchwood, Alphas & Doctor Who.

So many years I did not watch TV. There just wasn't anything good. Now I am back to watching hours of shows a day. Nothing good can come of this.