02 november 2011

Back pain and other excuses.

A couple of weeks back, I had a stomach ache during the night. It was mostly likely due to too many beans. Anyway, I usually sleep on my back. My ache was too uncomfortable so I switched to my side. The stomach ache was gone by morning but then my left hip started aching. I was thinking/hoping it would go away on its own. Instead it got worse. I started noticing a weakening in my left leg. My first thought was because I don't exercise. I started walking in the morning. My legs started feeling like jello. I thought it was because after month of no exercise, my legs were rebuilding muscle. The jello feeling in my left leg did not go away.

On Monday, I went to kick a ball and my left leg gave out. I was on my ass in the middle of the store and embarrassed. What the heck? Now I was thinking it was something worse. I have started watching House and think it must be some brain tumor. But since I am an ostrich type of person I am ignoring my fear in hopes that it will go away.

I went to the chiropractor yesterday. I told Doctor Burns about my legs. He asked about the weakness and knew what it was. Turns it out it is neurological but not the kind that requires surgery. He said it was sacral-iliac joint and described the pain and weakness exactly. I have had sciatic pain for years. That pain starts from the spine. This pain originates from the pelvis. It explains the other pains and symptoms. For now, ice and rest are required. And already my leg feels more stable. It is still weak and I read that this may take weeks or months. I hope not.