24 october 2011


Another week of not getting much done at least as far as cutting the clutter is concerned. I have no good excuses.

I did some scanning and filing but no shredding and no work on making paper packs.

My confession. I am watching too many TV shows. It started with Doctor Who and quickly expanded to Eureka, Torchwood, House, The Big Bang Theory, The Office, Community and now Fringe. It is my addictive personality. Once I get hooked, I cannot stop easily. Moderation does not make it into my vocabulary often enough.

I am noticing some muscle weakness where the back pain was running. Is it damaged nerve or just muscle atrophy from lack of use?

Of course, watching House only feeds the paranoia. I do not like going to doctors so I am trying to think what House would tell me if I showed up in his clinic. "You are overweight and sedentary, get some exercise." So I walked today. Only a mile. My legs felt like jello later in the day. If I can just get addicted to exercise...

I did go on a photo shoot yesterday. I will post about it later. It needs its own post.