17 october 2011

Don't sweat the small stuff.

Good advice. Last week, a lot of little stuff happened.

Monday started with a service man coming to change the zap cap on the house. (We didn't get the notice about it until Wednesday.) The change was fine but would not restart. The power brick had to be reset which I did but it still didn't work. I figured I needed a new one until I saw the second reset button. (Why does it have two reset buttons?) Then my back started hurting.

Tuesday my car had problems starting. I think the starter may be going. But sometimes the clock on the radio resets when I am trying to reset it.

Wednesday and Thursday saw no new issues except my back pain would not go away. I did not make any progress with decluttering the house.

Friday I got my new iPhone 4S. Before then, I upgraded iTunes and Safari. iTunes could not find my library and I had to recreate it. I do not know what happened. I spent the morning reimporting my media. I lost the all the playlists, play counts and ratings. I really wish iTunes was like Lightroom in that it has a separate catalog file which can stay on the computer and be backed up hourly. Because I have too much media, it is on an external hard drive. By default, the iTunes library files stay with the media. But they do not get backed up hourly with Time Machine. It is not obvious which files need to be saved.

I took it all in stride. Mostly.

The iPhone 4S is nice. I miss the curved shape of the 3Gs. It does seem to have a phone signal in the house which the 3Gs rarely had. I gave my 3Gs to my dad but he seems non-plussed. Oh well.