chestnut park

(catching up)

Chestnut Park seems to be a popular place for early morning photo walks on Sundays and Mondays. Since I can't do those times, I scheduled a walk for Friday. The problem is that 10am is too late for all the birds. But Chestnut Park is large and there is more to look at than just birds.

I picked up Todd and we drove over to Palm Harbor. We got there early and walked around waiting for the others to show. In one of the ponds, we could hear an alligator croaking. We couldn't see him.

Around 10am, Sherry showed up. We were expecting 7 more people including Jeff and Theresa. They are usually early. I called Doyle and found he was on his way. He was running late because he put the wrong address in the gps. After waiting a bit, the four of us started. Weird that no one else showed up.

Sherry had been to the park before so she led the walk. Since the birds had left for the day, I used Chip as my model. We had tried to get the squirrels to check out Chip but they could not be bribed with a mint.

We walked to the playground where Sherry rode the dinosaur and Doyle recorded a video.

We saw an alligator in the pond we threw stones and sticks trying to get him to move.

Then we drove over to another area of the park to walk the cypress swamp. Sherry gave me some insect repellant which just made my arms burn. I ended up with over a dozen bug bites.

Sherry wanted to go right and I wanted to go left. I didn't say that I was have very bad gas cramps from all the fruit I ate the night before. We went left and saw deer! There were 2 fawns and a doe. They were walking in the water. When we got put the swamp, we saw the deer again but couldn't get good shots this time.

Doyle begged off of lunch. He is losing weight with Jenny Craig and hates to "cheat." The three of us went to Pizza Villa in Land O' Lakes.