tampa downtown market

Our Friday morning photo walk yesterday was at the Tampa Downtown Market. I drove down and found some cheaper parking right across from Sacred Heart Church. The morning was chilly but the sun was shining and warmed every thing up nicely.

The first vendor I saw was the hydroponic farmer with fresh strawberries. I did not wait and bought 3 pints right away. I carried my backpack just for this purpose.

Soon the rest of the group showed up and we started our walk. We broke up into many small groups and individuals and checked out the other vendors. Many were cooking and it smelled so good. It was going to be hard to wait for two hours for lunch. Actually I didn't make it, I got some caramel corn and ate some while people watching.

We had lunch at Jimmie Johns and we leaving before 1 pm. That must be a new record!

(check it out! I actually clicked on gallery and up popped all the pics. Cool! You can click on them to see them larger.)
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