first day of school

(still catching up!)

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This was the first time in 9 years I wasn't very excited about the boys going back to school. Maybe it has to do with dad being here and me being able to get away now and then. Or maybe it was the confusion with schedules and teachers this year.

Two weeks ago, we learned that Andy's teacher was moving. Fortunately, the teacher who was in this position a few years ago was able to move back into the classroom. Though we still do not have a firm schedule with his classes and elective.

Last week, Ryan had no schedule. They pieced one together for Open House but then changed it the next morning. Ryan needs to know his schedule. This up in the air stuff is frustrating for him which then frustrates me. The person who would help schedule peers for Ryan is out of state for a funeral. "By the time Mr Fowler comes back, I won't need him anymore."

In the past, the bus is always late the first day and sometimes the first week. Ryan hates to be late so I drive them to school. Usually I just drop them off trusting the staff to get them to their classes. I realized I had nowhere to go so I stayed and made sure the boys got to class. When the bell rang, I said good-bye to Ryan and hung out with Andy. We got to class and I said hello to the students. Andy needed no help to get settled even though it was a new class.

I stayed awhile and took more photos. Most of the kids knew me and are used to my camera. It was a bit odd being there in the morning. The students were quiet and subdued. I usually only saw them late in the day or on a field trip when they were more animated. Andy was very quiet. I thought he might be annoyed with me staying there so I left. Mrs. E invited me to come all week. I am not sure Andy would like that. She also said I should sign up to be a volunteer. All hours that I log help the school with their state grade. I had never heard that before.

(The photos were taken on the first and second day. I realized I needed some more of Ryan and the courtyard where the kids wait for the bell.)