We went back to Gulfport for another Friday photo walk. The weather was much better this time with clear blue skies and a warm breeze.

Jeff also posted this walk in the NPPF forums but did not show up to lead the walk. He had car trouble and I had to call him to find that out.

There were about 15 photographers and we split up in several groups. Doyle, Bridget and I started walking up Beach street. Neither one of them had been there before so I had to let them shoot the places I shot in June. Doyle was smart to bring along his flash as we were invited to take photos inside the hotel and spa. I took a few shots but deleted them as I didn't want to deal with the noise.

There was an area formed by two older homes and their garages turned into a small shopping/artist area with a paved courtyard. I would love to have something like this close to us for our photography meet-ups.

We met Nung and he seemed to fit into our group pretty well. In other words, he is sarcastic.

Bridget started getting hungry so we went to The Village Pub. We ate outside and the birds left us alone. Only 12 of us for lunch and we basically had the restaurant to ourselves.