special olympics bowling 2010

(still catching up!)

Soon after school starts, Special Olympics begins to hold their fall events. First up was bowling. I knew what to expect so I was not overwhelmed. Also they seemed more organized and got the high school kids out before it was our turn to play.

Special Olympics organizes which kids play on what teams. They are mixed according to ability. Well, mostly. This means that some of the more able kids play together. The more able kids end up finishing their games first.

On one team were two boys from Andy's class. They are both extremely competitive and want, need, to win. Both cried and threw tantrums each time they didn't get a strike. One of the boys finally had to stop playing.

I learned from last year to order food early. It took 20 minutes to get out 7" cheese pizzas. Andy ate 1 1/2 of the pizza. Though I got all the crust. The pizza arrived before Andy was done bowling. He ate then went to play his turn. He couldn't care less about bowling at that point. He was tossing the ball and running back to the table.

We waited awhile for the ribbons to be distributed. Andy got second place for his age group. He doesn't care about the rankings.

Once the awards were given out, Andy came home with me. But first he wanted to go to Chick Fil A. He didn't eat much after all that pizza. But he took the food home and ate it later.