[photo walk] dunedin

We limited our summer photo walks to every other week. Our photo walk to the cemetery was cancelled due to rain. So it had been a month since I had a real photo walk. (The train ride didn't seem like a real photo walk. It was mostly sitting on the train and watching Bob sleep.) I almost didn't get to go because Hank was up north and Savi had to go home to visit her dad. She had called to tell me she would be back in time. (I must have thought I wouldn't be going because I never put it on my calendar.) Savi emailed me on Wednesday asking me to pick her up from the airport. It would mean a lot of time in the car for the boys but I said yes. I really wanted to go out on Friday.

I got there just before 10 and there were already a fair number of people there. (Darn navigon, it took me to the wrong place.) Jeff was already giving his spiel and soon started the walk. Doyle and I were lagging behind and I realized everyone had walked on. It was only 10:15! I usually wait until 10:15 to start the walk because there is always someone who it late.

We walked around the marina onto the beach. There were 5 sunfish sailboats waiting for teens and their sailing lessons. The colorful sails were perfect. It was a hot day and I didn't mind hanging out by the water. Jeff and Theresa left for a meeting which is probably why Jeff was eager to start the walk. Others wanted to walk in town. Doyle's tripod fell over breaking his $10 flea market camera.

Mary lives in Dunedin and gave us the tour. She wanted to show us her favorite places. Doyle looked at old cameras at the coin shop. Mary explained the oranges we saw on various buildings.

Bridget and Deb had taken a class on learning to read the histograms. So they were a bit preoccupied and I did tease them a bit. Jeff believes in making sure the histogram is good. I prefer to just check the blinkies. Everyone has their own way of doing things and it is good to learn different ways so you can decide which path to follow.

We didn't get very far before it was time for lunch. We ate at Casa Tina's. Half of the group skipped lunch but Jeff and Theresa managed to meet us there.

It was too hot to do much more than shoot on our way back to the marina where we parked. I need to schedule this again when it cools down some. I am seriously thinking of suspended the Friday morning walks in the summer next year. No one likes the heat and I don't like having to worry about baby-sitters.