thursday odds & ends

I planned to stay home today.

I tried to stay home today.

I knew I would last until about 1:30 or 2:00 before I had to get out. So I decided not to fight it and left the house about 11:30. My intention was to go to lunch and then Whole Foods to see if they had frozen salmon filets.

But first I had to install my new iPhone car mount from Pro Clip. I had first looked at these about a year ago when I got my iPhone. I didn't want to spend the money, about $80, so I opted for a mount from Arkon. That was a waste of $40. The rubber gasket started to split with in a few weeks. And lately, the suction cup would fail during driving and the whole thing, with my iPhone, would fly across the dash. The Pro Clip System is two parts specific to your car and your device. First you install the mount to your car which was easy enough. Then you screw in the swivel to the mount. The only problem was not having enough light and trying to work with tiny black screws. But it only took about 5 minutes. And it feels really solid. I love that I no longer have to stretch to reach the iPhone. And it no longer sits on the dash, under the window, getting really hot. In fact, being in front of the vent helps to keep it cool. Someone asked when the heat is on but I don't think it is a problem. First of all, there is about an inch between the mount and the vent so the air is easily diverted. And when the heat is on, it is usually coming through the lower vents since heat rises. When I do get a new device or car, I am thinking I can just switch out that part of the system.

I was going to try Evos for lunch. I have never been there and since I am trying to eat better, it sounded like a good idea. But the parking lot was full. It is my fault for trying to eat at 12:30. I found a spot in an adjacent lot and thought about walking over then decided I should patronize these shops. I went to Jimmy Johns. I had never been here either. It was kind of loud inside and rather over whelming with the menus boards on the wall. I quickly found a vegetarian sandwich that looked good and placed my order. The standard is french bread but I probably should have opted for the whole grain. The service was quick and the sandwich was tasty. I opted to omit the avocado spread so the sandwich did seem to missing something. Maybe some spicy mustard next time?

Nicholson House used to be in International Plaza. It is a quirky gift shop where people love to walk around and giggle at the silly things offered for sale. I missed the store and decided to walk through. It is a lot smaller and still just as crowded. I saw some greeting cards made from photographs from Tampa. Each card was $3 for a 4x6 mounted on 5x7 embossed card stock. The photos were crap. Seriously. The exposure was off and they lacked contrast. I could do as well or better with my iPhone. So how do I get my cards and photos in there for sale?

Next I went to Whole Foods. I haven't been there in almost 2 years. It is so far away. And now with Nutrition S'mart so close, there is little reason to go there. Their deli section is impressive but nothing I wanted just then. They did not have any wild Alaskan salmon. The only frozen salmon filets they had were a product of the UK. What? No thanks. I did find some wild Alaskan salmon burgers and decided to give them a try. I also got a couple of Amy's pizzas for those time I really want pizza. I got a few Cliff Bars to try. Good Guide claims they are one of the better bars and Publix does not carry them. I decided to try the Oregon Chai since it was on sale. I usually get Tazo Organic Chai because it is $1.50 than the Oregon. I found some dish soap with an almond scent. Yum! I almost picked up some foaming hand wash but put it back when I saw it was $10! Whole Foods does credit you $.10 for each bag you bring in and use. But they ask if you want the credit or have it donated. You fell like a schmuck asking for the $.20 so of course you yes to donating. So... you bring in your own bag, Whole Foods saves money since they don't have to use their own. Then the credit they would have given you goes into their charity fund which then gives them tax breaks. Very clever on their part.

I got home and tried one of the Cliff Bars. Hmm... When I was single, I used to bike. A lot. On some of my longer rides, I ate (choked down) Power Bars. They were so thick and dense that I could never smoosh them in my bag. And I needed a half bottle of water to get that bar down. They could never be mistaken for candy bars. Cliff Bars are a definite improvement over Power Bars. But they are still dense and thick. Not something I will grab for a quick snack but a good idea to keep one in my photo bag for those longer walks.

Bonnie got me to sign up for Words for Friends. We played last night and I beat her. OK, she resigned but I was leading with one tile left that I couldn't use. She started another game but I went to bed. It can be addicting and distracting and challenging. I have never really played scrabble before.

Bonnie also got me interested in the Brain Balance Program. I am reading the book. I am skeptical. Especially when they program, which is 1 hour for 3 days a week, for 12 weeks, costs $6000. That is $166 per hour.

The boys got home with a note that they will be taking a different bus in the afternoons. Scheduling this school year and been a challenge.