[photo walk] tarpon springs

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We went to Sponge Docks in Tarpon Springs. I had only been to Tarpon Springs once before, 10 years ago. I don't know if things have changed much as my visit was with Gail and the boys and we didn't stay long.

Once we got our groups together (Jeff had posted a different meet-up spot for the NPPF group) we started walking around. The group did not stay together though Doyle, Bridget and I were together most of the time.

Sherry & Doyle commented that some one always gets a shot of this particular sign. I got Sherry, Doyle & Bridget to pose for me. Hmm... I wonder if it is true?

I can see why Allen & Mike do not like Tarpon Springs. It really is a touristy spot and not many birds besides greedy seagulls. But I like checking out the small and fun details around areas like this.

The weather was hot. Doyle & I took refuge in the Candy Barn. They had loads of all that candy we grew up with. I was good and got nothing.

Doyle suggested these next two shots. And he used to hate getting his picture taken!

(That's really a shell and I cloned out the rest of the wind chime. Content aware fill FTW!)

The sponge museum is really, really, cheesy. I am glad we were there during the off-season. I don't think I could handle of a bunch of tourists going gaga over the cheeps tchotchkes.

After that, we decided to head to the restaurant. Jeff and a few others were already there and seated. Doyle just had tea. (How long is this diet going to last?) I got a crabby patty. We never saw Sponge Bob.