[photo walk] trolley rides & car barn tour

Oh man! What a fun night. Even if I got no photos I would claim the evening a success.

The trolley ride was OK. The trolley barn was interesting. The company was way too fun.

We started out at the first trolley stop near Centennial Park. We got aboard a trolley and they took us to the car barn. We got to see one of the oldest trolleys in existence. Sherry laid on the tracks for a fun photo op. I was using my camera’s live view instead of stooping down and that was overheating my camera chip. There wasn't much to see inside the barn. Or maybe I was just too hot to find much of interest.

We went back to pickup some late arrivals. Then continued onto Channelside. Since we were just there a few days before, there wasn’t much I wanted to shoot. Norm & I went into Wet Willies and got large margaritas. We were soon joined by others. The place has great colors for hdr.

Jeff introduced me to Bob who shoots with an Olympus E-3. The only two Olympians in a group of 300+ photographers! Jeff used to shoot with Olympus back in his film days. Olympus was late to the game with good auto-focus and dSLR cameras.

Jeff took the group down to the Dick Greco plaza. Norm, John, Sherry & I started to follow but it began to rain so we used that as an excuse went back to Wet Willies for another round.

John wanted to shoot from UT. The four of us got on a crowded trolley and headed towards the convention center. We had to walk the rest of the way. We got about halfway there and Norm decided to turn back. I went with him. We got back on a trolley and found more of the group. They stopped at Channelside again! but Norm & I continued to Ybor and Tampa Bay Brewing Company.

The drinks flowed. The conversation flowed. It was a fun night. They couldn’t provide separate checks so the $300 bill took quite a while to straighten out. We could have had more drinks while we waited!