[photo walk] dade city

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Dade City is an old town. It is the county seat but it's not the biggest town. I have been there a number of times but only once to photograph it. The last time I shot it, I had only had my dSLR a few months and was just getting into photography again. I walked around on Easter Sunday (while my dad thought I was at church) shooting mostly architectural details. Shops were closed so I didn't go inside the many antique shops.

I scheduled a photo walk and was a little concerned that people would just see the out of touch old town and not the quaintness. It does not generate the tourism like the towns along the coast. Only 6 of us signed up. I didn't expect Jeff to enjoy himself.

I had planned to take the historic route but no one wanted to follow a plan. Maybe I will do that myself another time. Dade City is small so we wandered about. The architecture is varied from the Olde City Hall to the post war era bank to the recent court house. Most shops are unique, the only chain, Beef o' Brady's, is local to Tampa Bay.

The hardware store is an old one. And inside you could find just about anything you would every need. And loads of stuff you didn't think of until you saw it. They had used baseball gloves for sale.

This is the new county courthouse. It's relatively new. It's a nice building but not very detailed.

Doyle had to leave early. He probably didn't want to watch us eating while he had to wait to eat his diet food later. We talked about eating at Lunch on Limoges but Jeff looked at thought it was too hoity toity. We went to Kafé Kokopelli. It is an interesting place. The building is covered in vines and the entry is in the rear of the building. The interior is a mix of reused building materials and newer decorative items. They used old doors to make banquette seating and old French doors to create seating areas. The food was casual and good.

Sherry and I went into another antique store on the way to our cars. This one had very nice, pricey antiques which had been restored. They also worked on clocks.

For some reason, I like taking photos of fire hydrants. Sherry noticed. I like the way this one had different colors of paint peeling.

Jeff said he did have a good time and wants to schedule another walk on Saturday.