[summer break] day 1

Our first day of summer break. Only 67 more to go. It's a Thursday which means pool, lunch & groceries. Dad is here now and he buys most of the groceries on Tuesdays & Fridays. Since dad is here, the boys have a choice about staying home or coming with me. Both boys came with me.

Only a few women were doing water aerobics at the pool. They said hello but we did not join them. Ryan wanted my attention and Andy seemed content just to be in the water. The water did feel good.

Lunch was Wendy's and Chick Fil A. Ryan has been trying new things and recently decided he likes Arby's curly fries. But only occasionally, he had them on Wednesday after his moving up ceremony at school.

The boys looked at books and toys at Target. There are loads of Toy Story 3 items to tie with the release of the movie in 2 weeks. Andy spent his time recording the sounds of the toys on his digital recorder. Smart kid.

I have been working to process and catch up with my photographs. With all the photo walks and events, I am very behind. I did get a collection of images taken in March finished today.

The boys have been going out after dinner to ride their bikes & razors. Ryan is quick about it, making one loop around the village and back home. Andy rides a little longer but not much more than 15 minutes. We recently moved things around in the garage. I wanted to get rid of the bike ramp that they no longer used. But I pulled it out and they use it again. Figures.