[photo walk] trolley rides

I scheduled a photo walk on the trolley. My intention was to ride the trolley. When something looked interesting,one can get off the trolley and take some photos. We would get all-day passes so we could get back on at any time.

The trolleys don't start running until 11:00 am. I scheduled the meet-up for 10:30 thinking that there is always someone who is late. This time, everyone arrived early but we still had to wait for the trolley. I had gotten there early so I could check out Fort Brooke park to see if there was enough for a photo walk. The park is small but is park of the River Walk so a future photo walk would be a good idea.

The weather was warmer than I would have liked. But the trolleys are air conditioned. And since there were only 6 of us, we stayed as a group. Jeff and Theresa came so I ceded control to him. We rode as far as one stop before getting off at Channelside. There was a cruise ship getting ready for departure. There was a guard making sure no one walked down the steps and got too close to the gate.

Doyle wanted his photo taken under the Stumps sign. Silly. I took a few shots with his camera too.

After the ship left, we got back on the trolley. I wanted to take some photos of the newer buildings just north of Channelside. I thought I would stop on our way back.

Since we had a recent photo walk in Ybor City, I didn't plan on walking around much. I just wanted to eat lunch at the brewery. But Jeff started walking with Jim who hadn't been on that walk. So we walked around one very long block and then back to Tampa Bay Brewing Co for lunch. I had a beer, Blonde, and Doyle had unsweetened iced tea. Doyle just started dieting with Jenny Craig and ate nothing. I had a veggie burger. Yum!

I tried taking some shots inside the brewery. I boosted my iso up to 3200 but it was still slow. I realized later than Maya had looked at my camera and had changed it to Program mode. Oops.

We got back on the trolley and headed back. It was too late to stop again. I will have to come some other time to shoot those buildings.