[photowalk] channelside

My apologies for neglecting the blog. The plague has been going through the house. Bits of lung are all over the place.

I'd only been to Channelside once. The boys and I walked around last summer after we went to the Aquarium. I knew I wanted to go back and take photos, I just never got around to it.

I scheduled the Friday Morning Photowalk to Channelside. Doyle was gone on spring break so I would have to lead the group alone.

Six people had signed up to go. Sherry was having car problems and backed out. Except for Norm, I hadn't met the other people.

I was worried I that I might be late since I was having computer/iPhone issues before I left. I made it with about 5 minutes to spare. Then I waited, and waited. At 10:15 Latina and her son E showed up. We started to walk into the courtyard and Latina spied Maya who she had seen at an earlier meet-up.

We walked around the courtyard and took quite a few shots. Then we had lunch at the Greek restaurant. I hadn't had pastiscio in years. It was very good though pricey.

Latina's son E was so cute. He is two years old and so well behaved. When we were leaving, he picked up some rocks. Latina had said "only 2" but E had too that to mean "as many as fit in my two hands." Then he gave one rock to his mom and one to me.

There wasn't as much to shoot as I thought. We couldn't get near the water as it was gated off. The Coast Guard boat Alligator was docked and allowed tours. Later a fire boat pulled up and docked.