[photowalk] old hyde park village

Another Friday photowalk.

The weather was perfect, sunny but not too hot yet.

Old Hyde Park Village use to be a busy, active place. When we moved down 10 years ago, I used to like to come down and shop. That is until summer. Then I opted for the air conditioned malls.

Before this latest recession, Hyde Park was struggling. Jacobson's was the anchor store but they closed in 2002. Pottery Barns Kids is still a big draw but Restoration Hardware, Talbots and Gap have left the area.

Ten am on Good Friday and the place was nearly deserted. Most of the people to going to and coming from Lifestyle Fitness.

Park of the group went towards the park. Sherry and I walked around the shops. We walked into a place that sold creatively hand made soaps. Sherry asked before we started shooting away. I pulled out my flash and was glad I did. Other my shots would have been blurry at best.

There really aren't many shops still open. I walked down towards the park. I was happy to shoot the homes and buildings with their bungalow style details.

I always feel odd shooting at playgrounds when I don't have my kids. I try to get shots without other kids in so I don't worry about posting their picture. Sometimes I take a cute shot of a kid knowing I won't post them.

The park had a cool gazebo where the "roof" is made out of keys. Interesting architecture. My shots did not come out that well. Well, they are OK, but you can't really see what is going on with the keys.

Doyle went looking for the alley that isn't really an alley. We eventually found it. It is interesting how the houses are facing each other across a narrow pedestrian alley.

We ended up back at the shopping center and had lunch at Nature's Table. By then the fountain was turned on and we returned to take some shots. Lots more photos to process. Only about 3 weeks behind.