[photowalk] sacred heart catholic church

Savi came with me to downtown. I parked in the same lot & Doyle was there. We walked over to the church and saw some of the group. Then we saw the white hearse. There was a funeral going on and we would have to wait.

While we waited, the gray skies began to clear up. Bill was told he could take any photos of the old courthouse nor could ge take any photos while on their property. Yes, I had to take some shots to see if anyone would yell at me.

I'm sure it looked curious to see a group of photographers standing across the street from a church where there is a funeral taking place. We must have looked like papparazzi.

The hearse left, but the people remained in front of the church and on the steps. The group started getting antsy and I (had to) called my contact. It wasn't in and the receptionist didn't know who else I could speak to. Finally someone checked inside and seeing it was empty, we went in through the side door.

We quickly set up and started shooting. We had an hour and twenty photographers trying to get many shots as we could. It was almost impossible to get a shot without another photographer in the way. Jeff arranged it so everyone had a chance to shoot up the middle with no one in the way. I was glad Jeff was there as I really don't like to be in charge.

Several of us went to lunch. They picked the Jerk Chicken place. They had some blocks of mac & cheese which were edible. The guys look like they enjoyed their chicken and pork.

We walked through the Tampa Downtown Market. It was busy but not too crowded. Doyle, Savi and I "listen" and took photos of the guy reading from his bible. Doyle wanted Savi to sit in front of the guy and looked up as if she were in awe. She wouldn't. Spoil sport.

I still have loads more photos to process. Someday...