community based instruction

Andy's class has CBI trips every month. They are meant to help the students function in the community. They go to stores out to eat. The idea is to give them more independence.

Their CBI trips were scheduled on the days I went to the chiropractor. But since I had to go two weeks in a row to get rid of the vertigo, I could now go on one of the trips.

Last Thursday was scheduled for Super Target and Arby's. I asked Andy if he wanted me to go. He hesitated but then I said I wouldn't go on the bus so he could sit next to Miss Karem. He agreed to let me go but didn't seem enthusiastic about it. Perhaps he likes his independence.

It was fun to see all the kids and how they interact with each other. Autism really is a wide spectrum.

As I write this, I realize I took over for Andy and purchased his items and food. I need to let him do some on his own.

Some of the kids opted for Pizza Hut Express at Target. Although Andy brought his own lunch, he wanted to go to Arby's. We walked over and Andy found a spot to sit in the raised seating area.

Arby's no longer has regular fries. I knew Andy would eat the hash browns or the curly fries so I didn't get any. I was feeling bad and ordered the the southwest mini egg rolls and cheese sticks. Andy looked at my food and then at me wondering where his was. I had asked him but he said no to chicken. I asked again and he said yes. I went back and ordered popcorn chicken.

I got one piece of chicken, it tastes good with the chili lime ranch sauce they give you with the mini egg rolls. Andy ate the rest. So now we know he likes Arby's Popcorn Chicken.