keep falling off the wagon

... and my ego is quite bruised.

I can't seem to get back to weight loss. Monday morning seemed good with the scale finally showing me some positive feedback. But then... I made Golden Grahams S'mores on Tuesday.

And in two days, I ate most of the pan.

I had to eat them, they go stale really fast. The last few were stale and I ate them anyway.

I do better with cookies in the freezer.

So on Thursday, the s'mores were gone. And on Friday I was back to a typical week day. Oatmeal for breakfast. Smoothie after I walked. Salmon and veggies for lunch.

Then about 3 o'clock, I start getting hungry. I try to fool myself into thinking 1/4 cup of cashews will tide me over. Twenty minutes later I reaching for an apple. About 4 pm, I realize I need something more substaintial and I make a wrap with hummus, tomato & cucumber. Yum. But then I want something sweet to finish the snack/meal and get some craisins.

When dinner comes at 6, I am not hungry. But I know I'll be hungry around
7 or 8. I don't want to eat that late so I fix broccoli. Followed by half of a grapefruit and cookies from the freezer.

Perhaps the Brits are smarter having tea time.