[whine] hate being sick

I am not one to get sick often. I have had my share of colds & coughs but that has been rare in the past 5 years. Getting regular chiropractic adjustments helps boost your immune system. There have been times when I could feel something coming on, then I would go to the chiropractor and feel fine within a day.

Sometimes, you are just going to get sick. Though having a strong immune system can temper the illness or shorten the duration.

After dinner Monday night, I was feeling a bit icky. I figured it was the 2 pieces of chocolate oatmeal cake I had for dessert. After midnight, I woke up with bad stomach cramps. After 20 minutes or so, I knew I was going to be sick. As much as I hate throwing up, I knew I would feel better. And I did. For a few more hours until I was woken up by the awful stomach cramps followed by...

Six o'clock came way too early. These are times I wish I was married or that the boys could take care of themselves. I got up and made their lunches and toasted a couple of bagels. Then I got sick a third time and went back to bed.

I finally heard my dad get up and told his I was sick. He didn't ask what was wrong, just said "Oh." I asked him to see the boys on the bus. He shut my door quietly but that didn't make a difference. My room is off the kitchen and the doors are not solid. Apparently the only way tomclose a cabinet is to let the door bang and bounce.

Once the boys left, I got some sleep. But then I woke up with a backache. I moved to the chair and there I remained sipping water.

Almost a week later, there was still some nausea. Mostly when I eat too much or consume milk. Thankfully it wasn't contagious and neither the boys nor my dad caught it.