[photo walk] fort desoto

Allan and Mike were complaining about the lack of good locations for Friday photo walks. They prefer natural sights with lots of birds. Jeff plans those kind of walks on Sunday mornings. I scheduled a Friday walk for Fort DeSoto.

I hadn't been to the park since we first moved to Florida. Gail took us but the boys were too young to enjoy it much. The waves are too strong. We didn't even visit the fort. I probably would not have appreciated it then as I was not doing much photography but snapshots of the boys.

There isn't much left but the the shell of the building. There are 3 guns left of the original 8. They are fixed in various positions and the cannons are empty. I played with Chip in the barrel and Doyle said it looked like I was being executed. Jason offered his bandana as a blind fold. Doyle told me to wait until everyone was done shooting. I peeked and saw them leaving. Ha ha.

Ryan's teacher called and I was on the phone when Doyle climbed into window to pose for me. I had to shoot one handed and didn't even get a chance to check my settings. Luckily I was sitting on a bench at the time.

There aren't too many choices for lunch in the park. There is a concession stand in the gift shop but... We decided to leave the park and headed to Billy's Crab. Now I know it is because they serve beer. Jeff only drinks coffee or beer. I took Chip along and he had fun posing for me.