channelside north

Every time I travelled in the TECO street car between Channelside and Ybor, I saw the new buildings in the area and wanted to get a closer look. I was also interested in the barber shop with the graffiti like mural on the side of the building. I kept saying I wanted to do a photo walk in the area but never got around to doing it.

We finally planned a day to walk around. It was a Friday without a "formal" walk schedule. But after the problem with the skate parks, I mentioned my plan to walk at the Tuesday meeting.

I picked up Todd and told him I wanted to go one specific building before the walk. It is actually part of the area but on the edges so I wanted to make sure I shot it. This was a barbershop which recently closed. And the mural on the side of the building looked more like graffiti. Perhaps the intention was to be the night artists at their own game. The wall faces north so getting natural light on it is difficult. I just didn't want to deal with the sun peeking over the roof of the building. I really should have gotten out my tripod. And maybe I will in the future.

We met Allen, Doyle and a new member Shelby. Doyle knew about a metal shop so we went up Twelfth Street first to check it out. The place is really cool and the people we very friendly. They let us walk around and take all the shots we wanted to. I could have shot there all day though the light was poor. A tripod would have been a good idea.

We walked up the street and I loved the feel of the architecture. Of course there is an architectural office here.

A man approached us and offered to let us up in his apartment building so we could shoot. His name is Sal and he is former military. It was very cool to shoot from that vantage point. We spent so much time up there that we didn't get much farther in the area.

We made our way back to Channelside and had lunch at the Greek Taverna.