fall color tour

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I went on a vacation. Really, I did. It wasn't meant to be a relaxing trip. There was little time to relax about with all the driving and Chinese photo drills, and driving and hiking and driving and shooting and driving and searching for waterfalls. Did I mention the driving?

Months ago, Allen planned a fall color trip to North Carolina. He found a cheap cabin and he and Mike planned to go. The cabin sleeps four so Sherry & Susan joined. But the Susan found out that the cabin would be too primitive for her. OP has a friend with a condo not far away and he planned on meeting them. Mike cancelled and the trip moved to the condo.

Plans were talked about on Tuesdays at the photo meet-ups. It sounded like fun but I knew I couldn't go for a week. That is just too much for dad and the boys. Then OP had to get back early so the trip was shortened to 4 days. Hmm...

I mentioned it to my dad and he started mapping out the drive. I hadn't even committed to going and he was waving good-bye. Then as I was leaving, he said "Enjoy yourself but don't do anything I wouldn't do." That equates to "Enjoy the trip but don't go."

I went. I had a good time. I'll be posting more. Hopefully soon. You can see more photos at my potd blog.