[photo walk] tampa riverwalk

Another Friday means another Friday morning photo walk. The night before I had some odd dream about the photo walk and Jeff and bubblegum machines. I have weird dreams.

Bridget, Sherry & I carpooled. We met at Starbuck's rather than drive to different houses. I think it saves time in the long run.

I had a few people call saying they were lost. google maps failed me and showed me the wrong address for the location. Oops. The ones who called were new members and not familiar with the area or our group.

I was glad to see that Doyle made it with his kids. He brought me back a gift from Spain. It was an oblong shaped packaged and I asked if it was cigars. He said no but close. Tampons? He laughed but his son was most likely embarrassed. He is 13 years old. It was a paper fan. It is very pretty and we took a shot of it with my woodling. I brought the small woodlings along for props. They make a dull area more interesting and fun. I need to bring the glue dots next time to help with posing.

We ended up being the end of the group. Jeff seemed happy to lead the other especially those new with camera questions. We spent a long time around the convention center. Doyle got talking to some people about what we were doing there. The kids found some jellyfish and stingrays swimming in the water.

Doyle had to leave early. We barely got around the convention center when he had to go. At least he left us laughing at his silly antics.

We caught up with the group at the next park. Then lost them again soon after that. They walked along the river but we made a short cut through a bank with air conditioning. It was very hot. The bank had a very cool vault with a round door but we couldn't take photos inside. The vault was not in use.

At Cutis Hixson park, there were kids playing in the water. It looks so fun and cool. I was tempted except that even my waterproof sandals take too long to dry. We went to Five Guys for lunch.

After lunch, some people went back to the park. Bridget, Jason and I walked along Ashley street. I turned because I wanted to take some shots of the sculpture in front of the Bank of America building. The last time I was there, I only had my 50 mm and couldn't get the whole thing in one shot. A security guard came out to make sure were weren't taking pictures of the ATM. We didn't want shots of the ATM. He stayed out there watching us until we were off the block.

Jason said we should go to One City Center. I said they wouldn't allow photos because Doyle and Sherry got in trouble at an earlier walk. He said it was OK so we went. Jason works security for another building. One City Center has a large water fountain with sunken waterfalls. I wish I had my tripod. No one did bother us. I learned later from sherry that they got in trouble when they went inside to shoot.

Jason left and we walked back to the car. The heat just sucks the energy.