lettuce lake park

Here are some photos from the other day. I will post more as I process them. I need to make some birthday and anniversary cards now.

Andy used to keep going if I tried to take a picture. Now he stops and smiles. So much for my candid shots. ;)

Love this tree! It reminds me of the trees along side of the road which have been butchered trimmed by the utility crews. No wires here.

The river looks calm. This is the time I did not see an alligator. I was sad.

And because the foliage looks dull, I tried a black and white conversion. But then you miss the gorgeous blue sky. No, I will do selective colorizing and I have been told it's passé.

Give the boy a bench, and he has to sit down.

All the dull grays and greens and I see this wonderful red maple. But the camera cannot capture the way my eye saw it.