7 january

Andy is having a bit of cabin fever. I understand. I want to get out everyday but just can't without a good reason. I could go walking for exercise but it's been so dang cold!

I went out yesterday for a hair cut. I have bangs! First time since 1991! I may be going through a mid-life crisis and this is far cheaper than a sports car. I am still not used to them. I keep trying to brush them off my forehead. Also, my hair is dark! Last time I had bangs, my hair was lighter. OK, so I helped it some but I think my hair was lighter back then. Bangs are supposed to make one looke younger. I dunno about that but I feel like my face looks fatter. (OK, I wasn't going to post a pic but here it is. Yes, my wrinkles and yellow teeth have been photoshopped. The rest is due to clever cropping. And my hair is much darker inside. Much.)

So as I was leaving yesterday, Andy had a look on his face. I think he might have been expecting me to bring lunch home. But I just did that on Tuesday. I asked him if he wanted to go out to lunch. "Yeah!" I asked if he preferred Thursday or Friday and today was chosen.

Today was supposed to be warmer so I asked if he wanted to go walking. "Yes!" OK. Then this morning was actually the coldest we have had on a very long time. It took five hours to get the house from 62 degrees to 68. I procrastinated until 11:20 when we finally got out the door.

It turned out to be warmer. Still it was only 50 degrees but that beats the 26 degrees we woke up to. Andy and I walked the boardwalk. I was walking ahead of Andy. I would stop to take a photo and he would stop to look at his video camera. Then I would walk ahead and Andy did not follow right away. Then I would hear, "Wait for me! Wait for me!" followed by some heavy footsteps sounding like they were running. I would turn around and see him running very slowly towards me with the video camera up. I would raise my camera and shoot and he would run right up to me camera. He did this several times.

Andy made enough noise to scare away any snakes which is good. But he also frightened away the birds. I saw lots of birds backsides waddling away. I have lots more pics to go through and edit.

We went to Chick Fil A for lunch. He still likes to go in the play area. And the little kids like to hang around him. He thinks it's funny.