2 january

It's palindrome day!


It even works in Europe, 2010.01.02

Palindromes are cool. I have never tried to make one up. Too much like work.

Daily Cleanse? Gone!

It was silly of me to think I should try. It wasn't that I had to go to Twitter or Tumblr. It's just that I don't think it's a problem for me. It keeps me from worrying about things I can't change or thinking about food.

One vice at a time!

I went walking today. My friend S from my photo meet-up called. We met at a local park and did 2 miles around the trail. I took my camera but the shots aren't great. S had her camera but in her pack. So I felt a little odd taking pics when she wasn't. I know, weird.

I made 2 cards today. And ran out of my favorite photo tape. I can get it through my wholesaler but don't want to to spend that kind of money right now. I'll have to check if amazon carries it.