28 january 2010

I am still trying to wrap my brain around this Budget program. I am really going to have to sit down and read the rest of Total Money Makeover in hopes of clarity.

Yesterday, I decided to download my bank transactions in order to make sure I got the little ones I had missed. This wasn't a good idea. I had begun the program account on January 4. But my statement ended December 30.

I deleted the whole thing and started over. I also decided to do my cash differently. I keep track in an iPhone app called Balance. It just helps me see what I spent where and how much I have left. I don't feel the needto keep that in Budget as well. OK, mostly I am lazy and am really getting confused.

On a positive note, I managed to process over 50 images for Bonnie yesterday. Then I came to some images I knew I had already processed. She makes albums for each of her kids. Some photos show up in two or more of the albums. In her Lightroom library, she has the image only once and copies in each child's collection. When she copied the photos for me, she exported the collections so it made redundant copies. I decided not to reprocess the same image so I went to main library folder and arranged the photos by image name. I could easily see the ones that were the same. Then I synched the same images. I also color coded them so I know they have been processed.

Bonnie is using


to print her images. I can upload them fairly quickly and she can pick them up just a few hours later.

I baked cookies yesterday. Giant Chocolate Sugar Cookies by Martha Stewart. I have made them before and they are yummy. I messed them up yesterday. I put it baking soda instead baking powder. They are flat. Chocolate coasters. They taste good but look funny.

I would have made another batch or even brownies but I used up the last of Dutch process cocoa powder. I haven't been able to find anymore. I even thought about going out to the other Target in hopes that they would have the right cocoa powder. I know Williams Sonoma carries Dutch process cocoa powder. But their jar is $15. I am just not willing to pay that much.

I made the mistake at looking at the computer and saw that the Apple Event was happening. You know I live gadgets! I watched and oohed and aahed and made fun of the name iPad. I don't see one in my future anytime soon. I need a new desktop first.

So the cookies would have to do.

I have been walking. And my ankle is really telling me to quit. Bio-freeze does a good job of keeping the pain down to a dull ache.

I went to the other SuperTarget and found the cocoa powder. They had only the Dutch process whereas the SuperTarget near me has only the regular cocoa powder. Did somebody goof?

My dad brought home the

wrong oatmeal

. I prefer

McCann's Quick & Easy Steel Cut Oats

. He said they didn't have any. I went to a different Publix and found that they carry Quaker Oats Steel Cut Oatmeal but didn't have any McCann's. The woman working there told me it was in the GreenWise section which is organic. I wonder if that's where they moved the Steel Cut Oats at our Publix?

Andy is playing Jeaopardy. He is using his stuffed animals and pals as the contestants. He is playing Alex Trebeck. And he is recording it with his iPod.

Andy's teacher called today while I was walking. Seems that Andy has qualified for the state level Special Olympics in basketball. This is quite a surpise to me. I didn't know he knew how to play. The event is February 12-14 at USF. They will be staying at a hotel with chaperones. I am hoping I can go at least for part of the event.