missing the point

Last Saturday on Twitter.

A well known photographer posted a comment which got a lot of responses. This is what Twitter is for. But what followed is not what anyone who calls themself a professional and a human being should do. You can read about it here on Mitzs' blog.

Today, the Scott Bourne posted his rebuttal. He talked about the original topic, devaluing your services as a photographer. His post makes a lot of sense. Except that no one was really upset about the original comment. Yes, some believe differently but in the end most agree to disagree.

Mr. Bourne then goes on to say that he has received physical threats because of the comment. What? First of all, I don't think any of what he did calls for physical violence. He was rude and offensive and there are ways to censure him without the need to attack him physically. And most importantly, I do not think people are responding tithe original comment but the direct messages he has been sending to people. Messages calling people an idiot for disagreeing with him. Messages suggesting people cut costs on medicines for their kds rather than hire a cheap photographer.

To be honest, I have only seen the DMs posted on Mitzs' blog but have read of others on Twitter. Some of these messages sound rather odd coming from a professional in the business for decades. And I hope that Mr. Bourne will address this. I think he needs to apologize for his behavior.

Even if Mr Bourne does not believe he has done anything wrong, he should realize he has upset a lot of people. He should be the professional and try to make things right.