23 january

I got out of the house today. Alone!

We had a meet-up at the St. Petersburg Fine Arts Museum. There was a special show, Legends in Photography. It was OK. Seems like a long drive for so few photos, about 50. And I didn't realize there was a cost involved. We did get a group rate but it was still $12 to get into the museum.

The museum is not very large. They do not allow photography. Frank and I took photos anyway. We were both more interested in the architecture of the building that the photographs.

We had lunch at Grayl's Hotel. Seemed pricey but then it is right on the main drag. I had a 7" personal pizza for $9.95. It was good but not that good.

I really want to go back to St. Pete to shoot. I have only been a few times and only once wandered around. That was almost 2 years ago with Bonnie.

Didn't accomplish anything once I got home. OK, not really true. I did feed the boys and Bonnie called after dinner so I worked on her photos for about 90 minutes while we talked.

So sleepy.