22 january

Why am I not sleeping? No caffiene late. What is going on? I haven't had insomnia this bad in years.

It rained a lot last night and this morning. There were lots of brief, heavy showers. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to walk this morning. When I started out, it was still drizzling a bit.

I worked on processing photos. I downloaded the free trial for Photomatix. It works pretty well. I just don't have the money right now.

Speaking of money, the dryer repairman came back today. He couldn't fix it and says it is the gas valve which is another $200 and almost another week. We went back and forth about repairing or replacing. Even we decide not to repair, we still have to pay for the labor which is $129. The repair is going to be over $400. But then I looked at new dryers and it seems like the better ones, not high end, start at about $700. Yes, that is retail costs. But add in tax and delivery to a discounted unit and you are back to about the original retail cost.

We decided on repair even though the dryer is about 8 years old. I am glad since I don't like that we casually toss aside worn and broken for new. My dad still talks about the Hamilton dryer we got when I was born and he maintained it for over 25 years! Things aren't made like that anymore. Dryers don't need to be fancy. A few temperature settings and a timer is all they really need.

The repairman left at 12:30. I was hungry and fixed lunch. Now I am really sleepy. I should make a card or two...

I got one card made. Then Bonnie called...

I did get some of her photos edited. It's strange to edit so many similar shots. I tend to weed more of myphotos down so I don't get too bored.

Tomorrow is a meet-up at the museum. Then we are going to lunch at the historic hotel. Their menu is on the web site. I am not impressed. There isn't much variety for those kinds of prices.

Weird week with eating. Ate "too much" on Tuesday by 109 calories. Wasn't hungry on Wednesday an was under by about 900 calories. Ate OK Thursday but was so hungry! Today not as hungry and under by 700 calories. Good grief! I am like a toddler with such varying degrees of appetite. I guess it's best to look at the week as a whole.

Also. PMS.